BarbieCue serves the sexiest BBQ in Florida!

you's guys do Sandwiches?

Heck yeah we do! We don't care if you're missing an arm or just too lazy to use a knife and a fork, these bad boys can be one-handed. Pulled pork, pulled chicken, and beef brisket. Dang now I'm hungry too.

shoot yeah! what about sides?

Oh you best believe we got some serious comfort food side action for that dirty mouth of yours. Bad-ass Baked Beans, Slamin' Slaw, uh, Mac-Daddy Mac N' Cheese?? ok, I'm done, sorry...

i need this stuff in quantity

So you got a bunch of freeloaders to feed? Don't panic, we'll get you through this tough time with our smokey, meaty goodness. We do suggest extras to prevent random dinner table knife fights.